Different Ways To Travel Solo Without Being By Yourself

Solo travel has become a very popular topic. It is different from ‘singles’ travel in that it consists of a broader group of people. With solo travel, you can be single, married, or be in a relationship. It can also be a professional who is looking to squeeze a few weeks of vacation between their work.

Unfortunately, there are two issues that arise with solo travel. The first issue is whether vacationing alone is truly lonely, and if eating by yourself as uncomfortable as it may seem. The good news is that there are several ways to travel alone without feeling lonely.

Small Ships And River Cruises

These types of cruises are highly recommended by solo travelers. In fact, they are ideal for those who are solo traveling for the first time. However, they are a good option for those who are seasoned solo travelers as well.

River and small ship cruises are excellent for those who want to explore areas that are hard to reach by automobile like Cambodian boat villages. These are also ideal for areas that have security issues.

There are several other advantages to these types of cruises including:

Great for land packages
Discounted package deals
Competitively priced
Choice of lodging
Allows you to take a day off when you want

You Can Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

By traveling solo, you will be forced to reconsider any preconceived ideas you may have about the world. During each stage of the trip, you will be faced with the unknown. This means that at every stop, a new door will be opened to you. This is not always possible when you are traveling with someone else.

You Can Reinvent Yourself

When you are at home around your friends, you may be known as the quiet one, the dependable one, the computer whiz or the good cook. However, when you are traveling solo, there are no labels. This means you can reinvent yourself by whatever appeals to you.

You may learn things about yourself you never knew because you never had the space in your life to realize your dreams. You will have the flexibility to reinvent yourself without anyone bringing up your past experiences.

Finally, you will be able to see what is truly important in your life. You will not be bogged down in the daily grind of your life, or having to deal with the drama of other people’s lives. Solo travel can quickly become your favorite way of enjoying your time off.